THE 2EZ BALE MOVER STORY,  When round bales first came out, an Oklahoma dairyman did not believe they would ever catch on. As we all know they did, in a big way. This dairyman and his son soon followed suit and bought their own round baler. This brought about another problem; how were they going to handle these big bales? The dairyman’s son, Ronnie Patrick, saw how his dad was struggling to handle these bales and being a welder set out to figure out a solution. Coming from a family of great faith, Ronnie prayed for guidance for an idea that would solve their problem. Ronnie thought about how it work and the way he wanted it but with his runners he couldn't figure out what would hold them together. once again he went to the lord in prayer and immediately his prayer was answered. Ronnie saw Jesus standing before him with his arms forming an arch. Ronnie heard Jesus say “Just like this!.” His mind began to race and there was no going to sleep so about 2 o’clock in the morning he got out of bed, made some drawings, and the next day he started building the first prototype of what would eventually become the 2EZ Bale Mover.  Ronnie and his dad used the bale mover on their own farm for years, building one for a neighbor every once in a while but never really tried to sell them commercially. Years went by and soon Ronnie had a son-in-law that was a welder by trade. This son-in-law, Jerrod Latta, owns a business that specialized in welding services for the oil & gas industry. This welding requires ultra high quality welds as pressures are involved. Long story short, Jerrod was and is very good. He is also very particular about his work. When the oil & gas business faltered in 2008, suddenly Jerrod had extra time on his hands. One thing led to another and Ronnie and Jerrod decided to build a few bales movers to sell commercially and the trailer was finally given a name. The 2EZ Bale Mover.

 We thought we would post some pictures of a trailer that had hit an obstruction very hard and fast. As you can see the quality of our work. Notice in the pictures that the thickness of the metal in this trailer that NONE OF THE WELDS BROKE OR CRACKED and that the metal had broke, bent, and gave. We are proud of this and this shows you the public the quality of our work.