2ez bale mover rigid / hydraulic bumper pull hay trailers

Rigid 2ez bale mover used on tractor

2ez bale mover "hydraulic bumper pull"

This is our hydraulic bumper pull hay trailer, which was to replace the rigid bumper pull. Because you the people were concerned about the front bale on the rigid bumper pull dragging the ground while hook to your truck. With the hydraulic bumper pull,now will givie you that clearence as the gooseneck trailer. This model gives you the opption of using it on a truck and tractor and this goes for any of the 2ez Bale Movers. For the hydraulic bumper pull used on a tractor you can pin the frontend and us your three point on the tractor, or you can unpin it and us the hydraulic frontend with a drawl bar on the tractor. we think that if you are going to use on a tractor mainly all the time. then we sugguest the rigid bumper pull. because there is no need for the paying for the extra cost for the hydraulic frontend unless your going to use with both tractor and truck and yes you can still use the rigid bumper pull on a truck.